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Walk Ins

Our smaller tables (five people or less) are available for walk-ins. This is how Mimosa has operated for the past 10+ years and we find it works best for our kitchen and for Mimosa in general – we allow customers enjoy your Mimosa experience, you won’t be rushed out for the next table. You can request a table through the WaitWhile app where you receive a text when your table is ready.

Although we have extended a lot over the past 10 years, the restaurant is often busy and the wait-list can get backlogged. We are confident the launch of Residencia will greatly reduce the wait-time for customers without hurrying people. You are welcomed to visit Residencia before or after you dine in Mimosa.

Join our wait-list with the WaitWhile app.

Group Bookings

Bookings are taken for tables of six or more. You can reserve a table through Facebook, by phone or by e-mail. Our largest party number we take is 14 people – any larger and we feel it reduces the Mimosa experience which we strive to protect. We have catered for larger parties and weddings in the past but always on Mondays or Tuesdays when we are closed to the general public.
G roup bookings get to choose from the same menu. You choose six Tapas dishes between your party and we provide your selection of Tapas for sharing to the value of €20 per person.

WaitWhile App.


The easy way to join our wait-list

Wait While

The WaitWhile app. provides easy access for smaller tables to join the wait list. Simply submit your reservation details and you receive text confirmation of your reservation, then another when your table is ready. Simple! You are welcomed to visit Residencia before or after you dine in Mimosa.

The wait-list is open from 3pm each day – Wednesday to Sunday!

Join our wait-list with the WaitWhile app.
For more information on how the WaitWhile app. works we have provided a step-by-step info-graphic. The app is very easy to use – simply click the link to be redirected to the page, fill in the details outlined in the info-graphic, and submit. Now you’re done.

You should receive text confirmation of your table request, then another text once your table is ready – as close to your requested time as possible.