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This is happening OCTOBER 10TH – Designers , Architects etc from around the country have gotten together to raise money for Aware— Whats happening is on OCTOBER 10Th (9 Days) you get an hours consultation with the designer – architect of your choice for €75 – the ENTIRE €75 goes to #Aware
BOOK YOUR SPACE NOW https://idimindovermatter.ie/designers/
You don’t have to have a business , if you are building a house , redesigning a kitchen etc etc this advice will be invaluable .
Tell them Mimosa sent you and i’m sure they’ll look after you extra well 😀😀😀
If you have a business – redesign your logo – business card … we did recently with akgraphics & couldn’t be happier – it refreshes the business and keeps you up to date , Anne from Ak graphics is one of the amazing designers giving of her time on October 10th !!
This is a great opportunity for Carlow to be included in this so lets Support Carlow – Support Aware & Support each other ❤️
Holmestead Saddlery Superstore Trish LawlorClaire Caplice akgraphics DNG McCormack PropertiesInstitute of Designers in Ireland (IDI)AwareSu Lynchlynda Maher Hair StudioSenator Jennifer Murnane O ConnorAndrea DaltonAndrew Kinsella Kirsty KavanaghCIADani BergmanMurco Catering Equipment – Catering Equipment IrelandPensecSherry FitzGerald McDermottCarpenters Off Licence


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