Our Beginnings

Sit-back, Relax!!

Mimosa is a chilled Tapas Bar where you can get homemade Tapas dishes and hand-picked wines in a relaxed, Mediterranean ambiance served by friendly, capable staff. At Mimosa you’ll find deliciously fresh Tapas dishes with a tasty selection of accompanying beverages. Not being a tourist destination we are very aware of how important all our regular customers are to us. Our dedicated staff work hard to ensure you feel right at home and we are very proud of the strong rapport we have built with you all over the past ten years!!

Homemade Tapas     Quality Wines     Premium Cocktails     Locally Brewed Beers     Speciality Drinks


Tapas are a Spanish concept that originated as small, free snacks served on a small plate which covered a customers’ drink. Although we use the name Tapas, our servings offer tastes from all over the world and are substantially larger than the original Spanish Tapas.

The Vision

The vision was to create a place where you get to try quality foods and wines, with different tastes from around the world. Also important was ensuring everyone feels welcome by providing a comfortable space for people to relax in an unhurried manner. This is the main reason we leave our smaller tables for walk-ins, at Mimosa you won’t be rushed out for the next table.


The most important thing for us is that we are unique! We are original! We are honest! – honesty means we don’t cut corners on our food or drinks. We have so much pride for what we do and it’s very important to us that our customers see that and understand that!!

We are very proud that we were the first to introduce the Wine & Tapas experience to Carlow town. We are constantly evolving to improve your experience and we are not afraid to take chances.

Food & Drinks

We are very proud of the fact that all our food is prepared 100% from scratch in the Mimosa kitchen. Our kitchen staff provide many cultural influences to our menu offering traditional tastes from around the world. Our menu is updated regularly and packed with a variety of tasty dishes that offers plenty to choose from, including gluten-free and vegan options.
We constantly strive to improve, improve, improve. Recently, we began importing our Spanish ham, chorizo and olives directly from the sources in Spain – providing our customers with delicious, locally sourced products at better value. Our drinks menu is also updated regularly. Our wines are all specially selected by Oscar, Catriona and Mícheál. All our cocktails are made by trained mixologists using fresh ingredients – no mixes!

Mimosa Kitchen

We try our hardest to source the best quality for the best price. This is very important to us as it makes it affordable for everyone to dine at our restaurant. Our staff bring experiences from around the world and we create our dishes by combining our diverse range of ideas and developing upon a creation until we are satisfied.

Our kitchen staff are an extremely hard-working bunch. The passion we all have to create the Tapas and desserts makes our lives a lot harder but it makes us extremely proud of what we create. We feel very blessed with all the positive feedback we receive. There is no other way for us at Mimosa!!!

Always Evolving

Born in November 2008, we wanted to create a place where we ourselves would like to go and visit. We are not a fan of pubs, or restaurants where the atmosphere can be stuffy and uptight. Our aspirations were to create a place where everyone feels welcome, but also a place where you get to try out different foods and wines.

We have continuously expanded over the past ten years. Mimosa began as a 30 seat restaurant, we now seat 140 – not including Residencia and the Garden. It was extremely important to us not to lose the Mimosa “feel” as we expanded. We have always remained focused on good food and are very grateful for all the support we have received over the years.