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Welcome to Mimosa Wine and Tapas bar, where you’ll find deliciously fresh contemporary Tapas. Hidden in the centre of Carlow town, we pride ourselves on satisfying your customer experience for every visit. We work hard to ensure all of our dishes are prepared to a high standard with every ingredient delivering a beautiful fusion of flavours. Our dedicated staff work hard to ensure you feel right at home and we pride ourselves on the strong rapport we have built with you all.

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As everyone probably knows by now, Tapas are a Spanish concept that literally translates as “covers” or “lids”. They originated as small, free snacks served on a small plate which covered a customer’s drink.

Whilst we have used the name Tapas, our servings are from all over the world and are substantially bigger than the traditional Spanish Tapas.

For more about Mimosa Tapas & Wines, visit our Tapas Menu & Wine List.

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About Mimosa Tapas Wine Simplicity



The ethos of Mimosa is based on one principle –  simplicity. You order your Tapas whenever you feel like it throughout the evening. The dishes are served when they are ready, not in any particular order. You just sit back, relax and enjoy.




Born in November 2008, we wanted to create a place where we ourselves would like to go and visit. We are not a fan of pubs, or restaurants where the atmosphere can be stuffy and uptight. Our aspirations were to create a place where everyone feels welcome, but also a place where you get to try out different foods and wines. We are the owners and cooks at Mimosa, therefore, everything you see and taste has been carefully created by us – for you.

This is Mimosa, a chilled out place where you taste all types of foods, wines and beers from around the world.

See you there!


Oscar & Catriona.

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